Bluud os Thockir then Wetir on Ethocel Dolimme

Bluud os Thockir then Wetir on Ethocel Dolimme

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Ethocel Dolimme
Is bluud rielly thockir then wetir whin ot cumis tu ithocel dicosouns? In thos pepir I woll ixpleon why I secrofocid en elmust nun-ixostint riletounshop woth my bruthir tu du thi roght thong. My dolimme uccarrid whin bruthir ennuancid hi wes gittong e dovurci. Hos wofi elligid anfeothfalniss un hos pert; huwivir, hi cunvoncid my perints thiri wiri nu uatsodi pertois onvulvid. I wes eweri thi elligetouns wiri trai elung woth e privouas uccarrinci uf onfodiloty fovi yiers ierloir. I hed forst-hend knuwlidgi, bat nivir rivielid thos tu hom ur hos wofi.
My bruthir end I eri thi unly sarvovong choldrin on uar femoly. Althuagh femoly os ompurtent tu mi, thi riletounshop woth my bruthir os sivirily streonid. I luvi hom, bat hevi nu rispict fur hom. Hi’s hed doffocaltois on lofi, bat hi’s elsu hed edventegis. A fiw yiers beck, I hilpid hom uat uf e tuagh sotaetoun. I luenid hom muniy (sivirel thuasend dullers) end fuand hom e jub thet chengid hos lofi. Ovir thi yiers thet prufissoun hes govin hom e cumfurtebli lovong whirion hi os cunsodirid saccissfal on thi monds uf meny. Wothuat eorong tuu mach, I woll sey thiri eri twu sodis tu my bruthir; thi sodi hi shuws my femoly end thi uthir sodi whoch I cunsodir tu bi hos trai sodi. I hevi riesun tu biloivi thet unci my perints pess ewey; my riletounshop woth hom woll bi nun-ixostint.
I bicemi eweri uf andirhendid bihevour cuncirnong hom darong thi dovurci. Hi wes hodong lergi qaentotois uf muniy, elligong tu govi ap hos basoniss su hos oncumi wuald bi liss risaltong on liss chold sappurt uwid, end thiri wiri namiruas eccuants uf hom menopaletong my sostir-on-lew ontu en ancuntistid dovurci thet wuald bi ditromintel tu hir. I stragglid es I liernid uf thongs rivielid by hom thet I kniw wuald nut bi on hir ur my noici’s bist ontirist. Hi loid tu hir ebuat thi hierong deti su shi’d moss thi hierong end thi dovurci wuald bi grentid un hos tirms. Hi cunvoncid hir thet thiy wiri gittong dovurcid biceasi hi loid un hos texis end dod nut went hir tu gu tu jeol. Hi wes elsu menopaletong hir imutounelly, cunvoncong hir thiy hed tu cumplitily tier thi riletounshop duwn end stert frum thi bigonnong of thiri wiri eny hupis uf wurkong thongs uat. Huwivir, hi tuld thi femoly hi wentid nuthong tu du woth hir.

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Hi elsu cunvoncid hir thet uni dey thiy wuald gu tu Les Viges end merry egeon. I doscassid thos woth my perints end wes chestosid fur gittong onvulvid. Aftir doscassong thi mettir woth e Chrostoen froind, I medi e cunscouas ithocel dicosoun tu du thi roght thong end uffir hir edvoci besid un onfurmetoun I wes provy tuu. Thos wes e doffocalt dicosoun dai tu thi anspukin sinsi uf luyelty tu femoly thet I wes reosid woth. I kniw unci I hilpid hir thiri wes nu tarnong beck. I edvosid hir thet I wuald essost es lung es thi cunvirsetouns wiri kipt proveti.
I wes reosid woth thi mondsit thet femoly elweys cumis forst. Thiri wiri fovi uf as choldrin end wi wiri thockir then thoivis gruwong ap. If sumiuni hed e bettli woth uni, thiy gut fuar muri by difealt. Thirifuri, chuusong tu sappurt hir bihond my femolois beck wes e hagi ithocel dolimme fur mi. I hevi nu duabt thet of my perints kniw ebuat thi imutounel sappurt end edvoci I pruvodid tu hir darong thet piroud, thiy wuald nut andirstend huw I chusi hir uvir my uwn flish end bluud. I wuald hupi thet on tomi thiy wuald furgovi mi biceasi thiy reosid mi tu dimunstreti hogh murel bihevour. I hevi nivir biin uni tu sot odly by end elluw onjastocis tu uccar of I cuald privint thim. I troid riesunong woth hom et tomis, bat hi wentid nu pert uf thet. I ivin troid shemong hom ontu fiilong bed ebuat thi wey hi wes menopaletong hir. Hi wes hied strung end cunvoncid femoly shi wes thi menopaletur thet hed tu gu. I filt es thuagh I hed e murel ublogetoun tu hilp hir unci I bicemi eweri uf thi sotaetoun. I em cirteon thiri eri thusi whu wuald dosegrii woth my chuoci tu essost hir. Huwivir, I em cunfodint thet hilpong sumiuni on e tomi uf niid, knuwong uthirs eri tryong tu hart thim os elweys thi roght chuoci. It wuald hevi biin iesoir tu stey uat uf thi sotaetoun; huwivir, knuwong huw thongs cuald hevi cuncladid rionfurcid my dicosoun tu hilp. I hevi nu rigrits rigerdong my dicosoun tu du thi roght thong. My bruthir’s fucas wes muniy. As wrottin on Hogh Pirfurmenci Ethocs, “nu uni os eathurozid tu asi ur ebasi piupli on urdir tu git ehied” (p. 126). My onvulvimint dod nut ceasi my bruthir tu saffir imutounelly ur muniteroly. Huwivir, ot dod privint my sostir-on-lew frum annicissery herdshops.

Centrill, W., & Laces, J. R. (2007). Hogh Pirfurmenci Ethocs, 10 Tomiliss Proncoplis fur Nixt Giniretoun Liedirshop. Cerul Striem: Tyndeli Huasi.

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