Blood Diamond: Supply and Demand Essay

Blood Diamond: Supply and Demand Essay

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During 2012, Sierra Leone’s diamond industries were unbelievable, and the amount of exporting was over one hundred millions of dollars in U.S. dollars (Sierra). The principles of supply and demand seem central in the characterization of the various trends in the market. In various market structures, the black market tends to be rarely regulated. However, the black market observes in the venture allow for the integration of some strategies in the effort of the market to the interest traders. Traders pegged to the various black market on the places where best deals are secured on illegal merchandise. These goods are defined to be oriented on the interests of the society, as well as the improvement in demands. Veblen goods are the main targets of such market developments. This originates from people increase demand and status of luxury associated to their usage, and implies the prospective capacity of the reduction of the performance of the rest of the goods.
In” Blood Diamonds” Weinstein (2006) showed that a civil war happened in the 1990s in Republic of Sierra Leone. Archer, Vandy and Bowen were the main characters in the movie. They were risking lives and circulating countless battles. They finally had a common goal that they wanted to uncover the dark side that was the black market of diamonds in Africa and America.
In “ “Blood Diamonds” and Africa’s Armed Conflicts in the Post – Cold War Era, “ Orogun (2004) said that diamonds are referring as “clean stones”. This article explains about the black market is really happening in African. I am using this article to support how the black market of diamond trades is still not regulated, and they defined it as “licit” trade.
In “Regimes of Ethical Value? Landscape, Race and Represent...

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...the potential interference of the market into the legal trade circle may be shaped up to match the interest of the involved traders.

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