Blood Cleans Honor, or So We Are Told Essay

Blood Cleans Honor, or So We Are Told Essay

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The number of honor killings each year is unknown. Figures are only estimates at the very best. The Iraq government dismisses the numbers that are published and those outside the country have no way to identify how many honor killings take place, if they are even recorded somewhere. According the Human Rights Watch, honor crimes are “acts of violence, usually murder, committed by male family members against female family members who are perceived to have brought dishonor upon the family” (Stop Violence Against Women). Just sheer suspicion can be seen as a reason to commit an honor killing. This is because honor is a huge aspect of the culture in Iraq. Without it a family has little left. So if honor is needed to be restored then it must be done. Honor killings, done because a female in the family is not virgin, are seen as a socially accepted way to restore honor to the family in Iraq. The law used for the sentencing of those who commit honor killings in Iraq, families and communities who have participated in honor killings, and the females victims of honor killings all have different viewpoints. However, the truth is honor killings are historically viewed as a way to restore honor and because of that, most in Iraq look upon honor killings as constructive way to restore honor.
Honor killings have an extensive past in Iraq, after being integrated into the culture, honor killings are viewed as an acceptable norm of the culture. Under Taliban groups, a honor killing is seen as the only way to restore honor to a family name after women, who are the property of the men in the family, engage in pre-marital sex or infidelity. This idea comes from the cultural belief that “blood cleanses honor” (Husseini). Rape is also considered to fal...

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...a tight grasp on the culture in Iraq and it would be hard for people to let it go. After all “blood cleanses honor” (Husseini) and families value honor.

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