Blood and Darkness as Symbols in Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay

Blood and Darkness as Symbols in Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay

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Shakespeare uses multiple themes and imagery such as blood , sleep and darkness and light to develop a central character personality in the play Macbeth.
Throughout the play Shakespeare uses blood to illustrate bravery, honour courage , guilt and terson to develop a central character for macbeth.Macbeth was portrayed as a brave honorable general,we see this when Duncan see’s an solider and proclaims “What Bloody man is that”,the soldier says “smoked with bloody execution” he praises Macbeth courage and fearless bravery in the battle field .This makes King Duncan glorify macbeth which makes him known as “Brave macbeth”

We see how the King Duncan praise Macbeth and shows gratitude by pronouncing him Thane Of Cawdor. Therefore this show how blood earned Macbeth respect and an honourable reputation. But as the play continues he start to because a less noble to a horrible dishonest man. In the beginning of the play Blood was represented honour and bravery .Shakespeare uses brutal imagery to verify how fearless he was .However the symbolic meaning of blood changes when Macbeth encounter the Three Witches .His knowledge of the future drives his ambition greatly. The Witches have told Macbeth that he shall be king of Scotland after being Thane Of Cawdor .

Therefore their prophecy had dramatically changed his entire action. Shakespeare uses blood imagery to show murder and evil of how Macbeth start to turn loyalty to the king to betrayal . Macbeth knew his decision was wicked and sinful to attempt to kill the king and take his place. However his heart was still innocent which made him unhappy with what he was going to do .Blood in this case reveals Macbeth thought about murder. For example before Macbeth killed the ...

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...w his character personality and state of mind.

Shakespere used darkness and light imagery to devolp macbeth character.IN Macbeth shakespere uses light and darkness are often symbols of good and evil Darkness symbolizes evil.In the play Macbeth light and darkness were mention when Macbeth considers to kill the king.He says ( stars hide your fire let not light see my black and deep desire ).This means how Macbeth doesnt want anyone to see his deepest desire.However with light

Overall all we see how Macbeth character personality change to becoming an dishonest cruel because of his lust for power due to the imagery of blood , sleep and light and darkness that shows how Macbeth becomes an evil character with guilt conscience.Therefore it makes us see his how the usage of words in Macbeth helps show his character personality and state of mind.

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