Essay on Blonde Bombshell: Norma Jean Mortensen

Essay on Blonde Bombshell: Norma Jean Mortensen

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Growing up without a mother and father involved in her life, Norma Jeane Mortensen blew past the stereotypes of others about her and became known throughout the whole world for things some would not want to be recognized by. Even though Mortensen had many obstacles that she had to overcome, she tussled through to reach ultimate success and fame. Norma worked continuously in many different movies and T.V. shows to see an outcome in her fame. Norma Jeane Mortensen experienced a crazy childhood and teenage years, and grew up to be a very successful woman through all the hard times. This is the reason why Norma became my American icon, because even through coarse times others would give up on, Mortensen never did.
Norma was born into harsh conditions and did not experience a typical childhood due to her continual moving. Born named Norma Jeane Mortensen, now known as Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles, California on June 1, 1926 (Marilyn Monroe 2). Brought into harsh conditions Marilyn rarely spent time with her mother, and no time with her father (“Marilyn Monroe 1”). Monroe experienced brutal conditions starting at the age of two when she was nearly smothered to death, and almost raped at the age of six. Also through her rough childhood she was tossed through numerous foster homes and an orphanage (“Marilyn Monroe 2”). To avoid another orphanage stay at the age of sixteen, a family friend organized a marriage proposal (“Marilyn Monroe 3”) After marriage, “Norma Jeane took the job in an airline plant, part of world war II factory effort, and worked first as a parachute inspector, than as a paint sprayer” (Lewis). As Monroe had a brutal childhood, she also had challenging relationships with her family members.
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