Blogs Are A Way For People Keep Track Of Their Own Blog Essays

Blogs Are A Way For People Keep Track Of Their Own Blog Essays

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Blogs are a way for people to keep track of their own personal experiences and ideas and share them with others. Blogs are online webpages, which tend to reflect a journal. To use a blog you simply go to its webpage and begin exploring the site, reading the entries, and watching the videos. Many blogs have links to other blogs are other social media outlets. Students may use a blog instead of another online tool in order to share and upload assignments or their own ideas. I learned that even young students can have a blog and benefit from its use.
While exploring the blog, The KinderKids Classroom, I learned how to help Kindergarteners create their own blog. The students that are a part of this classroom have a blog for their classroom and their own personal blog. They teacher uploads the students pictures, writings, and other works to be shared with followers of the blog. Students get to help decide which of their works is uploaded and they get to see their work published online. While reading and exploring the blog, Fun In First, I learned about many new concepts and ideas for my future classroom. My favorite was an organizational tool for writing called, Write The Rainbow. Mrs. Southard created this idea and shared it on her blog. The teacher laminates five pieces of colored paper, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Each color stands for something different. red stands for main idea or topic, orange, yellow, and green all stand for details, and blue stands for closing or wrap up. Students can write a sentence that corresponds with the color on each piece of paper. This organizer helps students see their stories come together, and shows the different parts of a story.
In the future, I hope to have my own prof...

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... people that are tweeting about the same educational things that I am.

Professional Development
Over the course of this lab, I had to look at tools that I am already familiar with in a new light. I do not think about using these tools in an education manner every time that I login to Twitter, read a blog, or listen to a Podcast. This lab helped me realize that many of the tools that I use in my everyday life, could be tools that I use in my classroom. During this lab, I was able to learn new things about these tools that I thought that I already knew all about. These tools will not only help my students learn in the future, but can help me start to prepare to become a teacher now. I can continue to read these education blogs, follow the accounts, and listen to Podcasts on education topics to educate myself and become a better teacher and life long learner.

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