Blogging And Social Networking...The New World Order? Essay

Blogging And Social Networking...The New World Order? Essay

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Is giving people what they want making happiness or argument in the end?

Using the internet has started becoming a popular way of getting information and staying in contact with friends and family, but is blogging and social networking a way to stay in touch or a “way to BE the news.” Blogging is becoming so popular some are worried that it is widening the gray area between right and wrong/ fact and fiction. On the pro blogger side some say they do not publish anything that would get them sued or that they did not research thoroughly. Blogs are being used to speak on everything the main stream media is afraid to say.
“The Cult of an Amateur” is an essay giving the opinion that blogging and internet sources like Wikipedia, YouTube, and Facebook “undermine since of true and false.” Wikipedia for example is the third most visited site when looking for information what people fail to take into consideration when doing research on this site is “anyone with opposable thumbs and a fifth-grade education anyone call publish anything” information posted by these people is not edited or reviewed by anyone, the enter button is pressed and whatever people write is out there for anyone else to take as fact.
Not all blogs are bad a lot of them have credibility and references to back up fact “what happens when blogs go mainstream” argues the good for blogging and how its’ growth is helping. Mainstream media stays on the safe side not exploring highly debated topics such as politics and religion. Some people hope blogs will break through that barrier and make people unafraid to talk about what people for so long have avoided. If the issue is credibility and how factual the information is on those topics Annalee Newitz for example does n...

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...e is what the other 50 percent have to say and what their reason is for blogging. Keen goes on to look at how things “used to be” and the decline in certain industries such as Disney who in 2006 experienced over 650 job cuts and only half as many animated films being produced his reason for including this information was to blame a social networking site YouTube for the decline saying movies on the internet causes the decline in the box office and less money coming into movie making companies such as Disney.
Everything ends, enjoy things while they last and embrace change when it comes. Material things in this world come and go. New things come and replace old it is not a “find a place to place the blame thing” it is a natural cycle of new and old. Everyone has their own opinions some like blogging others choose to see its’ flaws. Do not fear changes embrace them.

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