Blitz Spirit During World War II in Britain Essay

Blitz Spirit During World War II in Britain Essay

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In 1940 the government needed to find a way to support both the British at home and the British at war. They did not need widespread panic in Britain to add to their problems and knew that if one city thought the other cities were doing well, then they would certainly believe they should follow suit. So they decided the best way was to hide the worst news from them. At least this way they would only know of the great accomplishments and fights fought by their men at arms, and would keep hope up of them coming home. This would perhaps encourage them to be more helpful with keeping the industry flowing and the streets clean for when the men came home from war.

During the blitz, the government wanted to try and keep the morale and ‘blitz spirit’ because this was what Hitler was determined to destroy Britain. The government found a way to 
control the news of getting out by using the Ministry Of Information; 
also known as the M.OI. Their job was to check the radio, newspapers, 
and reports that went out to the public. The M.O.I was very good at 
this job, succeeding in their daily ...

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