The Blind Side By Michael Oher Essay

The Blind Side By Michael Oher Essay

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The Blind Side is a film that follows the life of Michael Oher, an underprivileged high school football player that is supported by an upper class family, the Tuohys, and taken into their home. They provide him with shelter and a bed that he says he has never had. As the Tuohys are driving down the street one night, they see Michael walking alone in the cold. Mrs. Tuohy tells her husband to stop the car and she lets Michael inside. The couple discusses later that night about whether it was a good idea or not to allow Michael into their home. They ultimately decide that they are doing what is best for him and they can sacrifice a little bit of their life to help Michael. They support him in school, on the football field, and when he is trying out new things, like shopping. They consider legally adopting Michael to be part of their family and Mrs. Tuohy plans to visit his mother on the other side of the town they live in. Her side of town is full of impoverished people, and Mrs. Tuohy stands out as a wealthy, white woman in the midst of black individuals that are lower on a socio-economic scale. Everything works out and the Tuohy’s soon realize that they are not changing Michael’s life; he is changing theirs. In addition to giving Michael a second chance at being successful in life, this family teaches him that he can do anything if he works hard enough at it, and that it is okay to be different. However, these lessons are not learned without trials. Michael has to face the psychological principles of prejudice, minor post-traumatic stress symptoms, and aggression in school and on the football field.
Prejudice is the act of discrimination against someone or something that has no cause. A prime example of prejudice is...

... middle of paper ...

...h resemble everyday acts of aggression.
Ultimately, Michael Oher and several other characters in the movie, The Blind Side, display three big psychological principles throughout the portion of their lives that is captured in the movie. The three principles are prejudice, minor signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, and aggression. Three things are necessary for something to be considered prejudiced, and The Blind Side shows all three: stereotypes, emotions, and discriminatory actions. Post-traumatic stress disorder is exhibited through Michael’s flashbacks of his dramatic childhood parting with his mother. Finally, aggression is shown through actions on and off of the football field by Michael, but is also showcased by several other characters in the movie. All three principles tie together to make The Blind Side accurately portray human social behavior.

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