The Blind Side, August Rush, And The Devil Wears Prada Essay examples

The Blind Side, August Rush, And The Devil Wears Prada Essay examples

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Films Have a Way
Who we are as a person has a lot to due with the various kinds of influences that we may encounter through different events, personal experiences, stories, and by others. Surprisingly enough movies can have a large impact on us, that can really change who we are. The Blind Side, August Rush, and The Devil Wears Prada, are among the many different films that have had a significant impact me on how I live my life and see the world. Films have a way of influencing people into thinking and believing in ways they may have never thought in before.
In “The Devil Wears Prada,” a young girl who just graduated college, seeks out to become a journalist. She lands a position in which “a million girls would die for” a job to work for a well known fashion magazine editor. Without a clue about fashion she accepts the opportunity and challenge this job brings upon her, in hopes that if she can survive one year in this position she can make it anywhere. With the harsh demanding and cruel treatment her boss gives her, she continues to stay strong and tries to become the best assistant she can be. As the movie progresses her position begins to transform her, she begins to care more about how her boss thinks of her, turning her into a person she is not, she becomes rude to her friends and family who only want what is best for her which she believes otherwise. In the end she decides to leave her boss and position before a very important runway convention. She realizes that all along she has had choices, she did not have to continue on with that job, change who she was to please someone else, or take on some of the tasks she was asked to do under unjust treatment. Being that I am always up for a challenge or trying something new. This ...

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...into their school. With the help from his new family, teachers, coaches and tutor Michael gets accepted to play football in multiple colleges, which later gets the opportunity of being drafted into the National Football League; NFL. The Blind Side showed me that you can not judge anyone on appearances or how you think they are without actually getting to know them, because you have no idea about their past and what they have been through.
All of these films have taught me something that I will bring along with me forever. The lessons that I have learned from them have showed me a new way of seeing the people and world around me. Movies have a way of transforming you, and creating you into the person you are today. After every film you watch, whether you realize it or not, that film had some kind of influence or effect on you that will somehow change you in the future.

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