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The Blind Community Essay

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Could you live in the blind community?
Being blind is a trial that no one wants to experience but for the ones who are blind what’s it like in the community? The community is full of opportunity and help for the deaf and the visually impaired if you come to little ol hickory you’re not going to find the equipment or help they need here oh no, no you’ll have to go to places that are blind friendly like Raleigh and Greensboro they have all the equipment and technology needed for the blind and deaf, What about transportation? transportation plays role that surrounds the blind community which mean that they have systems set up for the blind or the disable to get from point A to point B they take this special tickets called art ticket which the city provides but the sad part is they have to pay for it so therefore transportation is like a main key in the blind community. What’s the education like, the education is like any other school in the US but the blind children and teens would go to a blind school like governor Morehead, the Hadley school for the blind and much more all over the 50 states excellent schools at that no student left behind is the motto all schools go by, So what if I’m an adult and want to go to college? Simple go to college there are a BUNCH of colleges that are blind friendly like wake community college, wake forest, NC State etcetera that’s where opportunities are opened up for the blind, sighted people aren’t the only one that have the chance to go to school to make something of themselves. What if they're looking for a job? Well a blind person can do almost any job out there for example lawyer, artist, accountant, secretary, customer service representative, food service worker, factory worker, teacher, daycare...

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...e days of listening to the streets. Now touching is a part of everybody's senses but for the blind it is there key. Ordinarily a person might assume that when talking about touch, that it is made about fingers and hands, we have sensitivity in our faces, ears, feet, and, in fact, our entire body. We are sensitive to heat, cold, rain and snow . A person can determine by touch whether a sidewalk is rough or smooth, whether a person is walking on grass or dirt. Incidentally, these surfaces can also be identified by sound.

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