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We do not deserve any of the blessings God blesses us with. We, as Christians, fall short all the time. Yet, God continues to bless us, because He is merciful and loving. God loves us despite our faults and flaws. If it was not for God blessing us and keeping us safe, who knows where we would be. The height of God’s favor and protection is demonstrated through the birth and death of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, truth, and life. He is the perfect example of how to live that’s pleasing to God. Jesus purchased our salvation by giving up His life on the cross for our sins. This alone shows us how we all are favored by God. If we accepted God as our Savior, we are forever favored and protected. A lot of blessings are taken for granted such as the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Other blessings which are often times overlooked is living to see another day, having food to eat, and clothes to wear. The Bible is filled with stories of blessings upon the children of God and unbelievers. I intend to present blessings and how its meaning evolves from the Old Testament to the New Testament.
There is more emphasis on outward blessings or material blessings in the Old Testament. The New Testament helps us to focus more on the inward or spiritual blessings of God (Elwell, Walter A., 1997). God’s promise to Abraham that all people would be blessed through him is an early example of this idea of outward blessings. In Genesis 12:2, God speaks of prosperity in Abraham’s life making his name great and enlarging his territory through his descendents and those he fathers in the spiritual sense (NKJV). There are three main themes that attach themselves to the meaning of blessi...

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.... Last, the Old Testament uses prayers for God’s favor to symbolize blessings. The forgiveness of sins brings us closer to Christ so that we can experience an abundance of blessings. Sometimes we take for granted the blessings of having joy in times of sorrow, a peace of mind, all our needs met, and even our salvation. The New Testament brings attention to those things and helps us to recognize the greatest blessings of all. Sin is what separates us from receiving all that God desires for our lives. Grace and mercy allows us to still be blessed in spite of our sins. God’s forgiveness sets us free and puts us in position to receive more of the blessings that He wills for our lives.

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