The Blaxploitation Films 's Impact On The Past Images Of Slavery Essay

The Blaxploitation Films 's Impact On The Past Images Of Slavery Essay

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The Blaxploitation films were needed to reshape the past images of slavery. Blacks were exiting the Black Panther and Black Power movement, which the people had become profound to the use of drugs within urban communities. Therefore, the films were produced counter to the rise of drugs. So, the films were used as a framework to create new stereotypes of blacks being big bad drug dealers or pimps. The films were publicized in the media, which produced a greater outcome of people wanted to become the illustration within the films. The films in Blaxploitation often deal with finding solutions of trying to remove cocaine out of the hood, as there was an uproar within the communities. However, films that were produced declared African Americans being the villain, while the women were often degraded to being a sexual object.
Blaxploitation films engraved a foundation of black men wanting to become pimps or drug dealers with flashy jewelry and nice cars. Therefore, black women were confined to being the prostitute or the other woman, which shaped their existence of being belittled. Then, there are films that deal with black women being the bad foxy brown woman, whereas, the women took action and demanded their respect. Still, the films displayed the criminal stereotype for blacks. On the other hand, the Blaxploitation films highlighted black soul and funk music and gave black artist a means of living, which is a positive attribute.

Hip Hopera
The Hip Hopera later became prominent within Hip Hop and there were a few more productions produced to advance the genre, such as R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet. Trapped in the Closet is a Rap Opera that consist of 33 chapters. The production was written and produced by R. Kell...

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...The problem with the one sided story is the story is manifested through the white hegemony and not by the insider that knows their cultural relevance. Therefore, to understand the representation of the production, the person has to evaluate the negative and positive elements of the shows without forming a bias mindset. However, the film partakes in more negative and stereotypical images.
There’s an issue as society only paints women one way, a stereotypical way. If the woman is smart, she cannot be sexy or if she is sexy, she must be dumb and that is the one-sided story of women. A woman can own her sexuality, by means of being comfortable in their clothing or the way they wear their hair, while also possessing intelligence. So there are not all negative elements within the representation of the production; however, the issue is the painting of the woman’s sexuality.

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