Blatant Forms Of Gender Discrimination Essay

Blatant Forms Of Gender Discrimination Essay

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Blatant forms of gender discrimination, over time, have given away to much more subtle forms. Before the passing of the Civil Rights Act it was common for women to be restricted to certain jobs and positions with the claim that such discrimination was necessary for the women’s discrimination. (pg. 347) Such stereotypes are evident the case of Muller v. Oregon case a Supreme Court judge stated that “[a woman] must rest upon and look to her brother for protect her from the greed as well as passions of man.” (pg. 347 #60) Although still heavily influenced by stereotypes, Gender discrimination of the 21st century is most commonly seen in the form of lower pay, lack of promotions and exclusion from networking opportunities. According to Title VII and stated laws on gender discrimination, it is illegal to advertise positions for a particular gender, asks question to only one gender on application or during interviews, unequal pay, unequal training or advancement opportunities, and the provision of different benefits. While all of the above mentioned form of discrimination may not be inherently illegal, they are actions that indicators of the existence of discriminatory practice in the workplace. (pg. 352-353) Additional forms of gender discrimination, aside from gender stereotyping, are grooming codes, customer/employee preference, and gender-plus discrimination.
A fairly common form of gender discrimination, stereotyping is discrimination against a gender for not behaving according to the assumption of how that particular gender should behave or preform their work. An example of such would be refusing to allow woman to take on upper management positions due to the belief that they are too sensitive and are not able...

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... to fulfill the job and if it in necessary in order to maintain supervisory control in the workplace. (pg. 306-306) The EEOC also allows employees to press suit on the basis of harassment. In order to do so, it must be determined that the harassment was severe enough to create a hostile or abusive work environment. Harassment that would qualify as such would be ethnic slurs, graffiti and other such action. According to the EEOC, there has been an increase in the number of harassment charges on the basis of national origin that have been filed with the EEOC; “…claims of national origin harassment have been on a sharp increase, rising from 7,792 charges filed with the EEOC in 2000 to 11,134 in 2009.” (pg. 308) Along the raise of national origin discrimination, there has been an equally increase in religion discrimination, particularly after the events of September 11.

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