Essay on Blame It On Human Nature

Essay on Blame It On Human Nature

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Blame it on Human Nature
Doris Lessing an intelligent British women and an even brighter novelist. She writes a short story by the name of “Group Minds”. In this short story she opens the readers eyes to the fact that humans are pack animals and we conform in groups every day, whether we notice or not. It is in human nature to feel wanted, loved, and to strive for the sense of belonging. “I am a citizen of a free society, and that means I am an individual, making individual choices” (652). Lessing uses this quote to portray the mindset everyone believes to have, but those beliefs fall short of most expectations. After reading “Group Minds” by Doris Lessing, she creates an effective approach of the power to conform in groups, because it’s apart of human nature, but lacks sufficient evidence to back her claim.
Lessing’s “Group Minds” contains information that most people on a daily basis don’t think about. Humans contain an instinct that is almost never flawed, and that is the since of belonging. It is rare in society to be the lone wolf, to use ones individual thoughts without confor...

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