Blair’s Band Building Blocks Essay

Blair’s Band Building Blocks Essay

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Blair’s Band Building Blocks
Balancing the building blocks of maintaining a solid foundation is difficult in the music industry. The music business is a finicky commerce where success can be squandered the second a band signs the contracts on their record deal. Conversely, a great deal of hungry artists simply needs to learn the rules of the game. Trevor Blair owner/C.E.O. of Revolutionary Entertainment provides a myriad of opportunities for musicians to flourish in the finicky trade and make them more accountable to the community who supports them. Any band fortunate enough to work with the musical revolutionist knows Blair is there to support them in any way he can.
Working with emerging talent has been one of Blair’s great passions and he is setting a new pace for young bands. What Blair is attempting to accomplish is to ensure that indie music still has a place in the scene and does not die out the way the 80’s hair metal scene did. He feels as long as listeners continue to support independent music then in turn the mainstream music bands will be “forced” to continue their music instead of becoming boring and dull like some unmentionable bands [he declined to mention specific bands because he is a gentleman]. The underground bands that were once exciting you musicians became lackluster once they signed their contracts.
A rule of thumb he applies to working with each and every musical ensemble is making a band who wants to be apart of a Revolutionary Entertainment show drive to the office headquarters in Burbank centrally located in California. The meeting allows Trevor to go over business with the band [seeing that they do have transportation], can follow directions [make sure your wheels have a driver with Google Maps or...

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... style that most people can only dream about.”
Use the resources the musical revolutionist supplies your band with. Bear in mind being a successful musician is a “lottery” as Sugarcult’s Marko DeSantis has put in plain words. The tools of the trade range from meeting great producers such as Loren Israel whose latest project is the Neon Trees to his associate Rob Figarola who is proud of the band he is working with known as Notte Bella. Notte Bella has a long way to reach the plateau of Modern Day Escape and even further to reach the heights of Sugarcult. The opportunities the emerging band has such as Notte Bella is directly relatable to the resources Trevor provides as festival producer who sees and grasps what is expected to thrive in the music industry. Heeding Blair’s advice opens doors making opportunities yours for the taking as a hungry, hard working band.

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