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According to Janet Maslin, in a review for “The New York Times” written shortly after Blade Runner’s release, “The view of the future offered by Ridley Scott's muddled yet mesmerizing 'Blade Runner' is as intricately detailed as anything a science-fiction film has yet envisioned” (par. 1). Although Blade Runner isn’t as popular when it came out as it is now, it has become an acclaimed and classic sci-fi film. Based on the novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Phillip K. Dick, Blade Runner is a dramatic and unique look into a dark and twisted future. Ridley Scott’s hauntingly futuristic thriller explores what it means to be human in a way that no other sci-fi movie had before. Blade Runner shows how twisted humanity could become and questions what it means to truly be human through its disturbingly beautiful setting, strikingly challenged characters, and uniquely strong themes.
In a ruined and futuristic Los Angeles, a once spectacular but now retired “blade runner” is persuaded to do one last assignment; he must hunt down four artificially built humans, or as they are called “replicants”, and kill them. As he tries to complete his objective, the replicants try to accomplish theirs, which is finding a way to expand their predetermined four year life span. Many challenges arise for both the replicants, who struggle with their artificially created memories and humanity, and the blade runner himself, Rick Deckard, who begins to struggle with the morality of his task and his strong feelings for a discovered fifth replicant. After killing three of the replicants and protecting another, Deckard finds himself in an intense confrontation with the leader of the replicants, Roy Batty. Batty has already confronted and killed his cr...

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...of narration, “I didn’t know how long we had together. Who does?”

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