Black Wonder : A Woman Who Is Against The Unfair Treatment Of Black Women

Black Wonder : A Woman Who Is Against The Unfair Treatment Of Black Women

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Black Wonder is a woman who is against the unfair treatment of black women and children. She has the power of knowledge and she is the wisest woman of all, her powers were acquired through her adventure into a toxic waste facility some years ago. She gained the motivation to do this through her work as a government official in the welfare office. Seeing the multitude of single moms who get denied welfare because of the women that abused welfare years ago these women were called the 'Welfare Queens’. She wants to hurt anyone who has affected the chances of other women and takes their rights to welfare away. This minority group stood out to me in many ways because this group of people was neglected greatly when people decided to determine how much welfare everyone got when they applied. White people were given the majority. Black people who applied for welfare particularly women were given the idea of being Welfare Queen when they decided to apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Black Wonder also wants to disable the members of the government who are trying to discriminate against black people and are more willing to provide high numbers of welfare to the white majority.
My character was built behind the idea of being a great superhero was created behind what the ideas Demby and Lawrence created in their stories. Demby states a big thing that my character is trying to do her task as a superhero, “Writers routinely revisit stories from to deepen their mythologies and, sometimes, to try to correct the errors of the past.” Black Wonder is trying to go back and revisit the task of trying to reform the welfare system so that African Americans can live great lives. My superhero is one who tries to break all the rules...

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...ldn’t be able to decide who is given what particular amount of funding because of their skin color. This is part of why Black Wonder wants to stop the government from being so unwilling to treat everyone equally as the Constitution states.
Without my superhero Black Wonder, Black women would not be able to support their families properly. She is also helping women break the stereotype during this time that prevented them from getting more than five years of TANF if they need it. The ‘Welfare Queen’ brought a great disadvantage against all, even people who were truly unable to find a job during this time.
My superhero would be if this issue could be solved this simply but this is America and nothing can be solved this easy. These women need to stand up and advocate for what they believe is right for themselves. Even though this was a long time ago this still occurring

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