Essay The Black White Binary 's Limited Recognition Of The Multiple Races

Essay The Black White Binary 's Limited Recognition Of The Multiple Races

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Ethnorace challenges the black white binary’s limited recognition of the multiple races in the United States that no longer fit in the outdated radicalized groups. Due to Ethnorace’s like Latinos the black white binary is obsolete for racial organization and treatment in modern times. The broadness of the black white binary allows the system to be manipulated though interpretation as it is limited within itself. Anglo-American identified races do not adequately suit differences outside of skin color. Ethnorace is more dynamic and constraints individual cultures far less than the binary.
The black white binary is a created term from the United States to racially categorize people by skin color. The main races in the United States history have been the African Americans and the European-Americans, which have been simplified to the terms black and white. People within these categories have similar origins, cultures, and appearances, and ever since they have been the dominating races, the views of these peoples are based on the idea of white versus black. The binary has two perceptions, Descriptive and Prescriptive regarding its affects on racialization and race in the United States. Since the binary can be seen as having different intentions it already leaves uncertainty for those outside the two boxes.
Descriptive interpretation insists that the black white binary describes the fundamental nature of race and racialization in the United States. Since race is supposed to fall under only two categories based upon skin color, the black white binary fails to recognize other people who may not so easily fall into one category. These generalizations inhibit cultures unique experiences by bunching them together as if all are similar. Whil...

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...ack white binary as the reason for racism. The court said Trayvon Martin’s case was not a racial murder because it involved two people of the same racial category and racism is between whites and blacks. This justification of the black white binary proves that it is still a common practice today and attempting to change the perspective will be a challenge. In practice the black white binary still over powers ethnorace in the United States.
Do to popularity the black white binary is still exercised but that does not mean enthnorace is not a disruption. Ethnorace challenges the idea of only two races and use of skin color as the identifying quality. Once other races such as Asians and Latinos are recognized in the United States the black white binary will be obsolete in any racial discussion. For the reasons stated ethnorace proves to disrupt the black white binary.

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