Black White And White Wealth Essay

Black White And White Wealth Essay

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Nearly sixty years after the end of the Civil Rights Movement, a massive wealth gap continues to exist between Black and White Americans. This disparity began in 1619 with the introduction of black slaves into the American colonies. According to Dalton Conley’s book Being Black, Living in the Red: Race Wealth and Social Policy in America, at the close of the Civil War Black Americans owned .5% of the nation’s wealth; today the number has risen to only 1%.(p.25) The inability of blacks to accumulate wealth was made possible by different forms of institutional racism implemented throughout American history. Melvin Oliver and Thomas Shapiro state in their book Black Wealth/White Wealth, A New Perspective on Racial Inequality, that these systemic biases have cost the current generation alone $82 billion in assets. (p. 159) The American legacy of deprivation coupled with contemporary forms of segregation has prevented blacks from accessing any definitive route to success. The current system of government leaves the black communities underserviced. Allocating funds to create new community outreach libraries will allow blacks to access the education and resources necessary to accumulate assets and close the racial wealth gap.
In order to fund the different resources libraries will provide, a proposition must be enacted that will impose a .008% per cent sales tax on all transactions. This tax will generate an estimated $15 million dollars a year all of which will be allocated to library enhancement. The proposition will be subject to increase every five years and renewal every ten years. The proceeds of said provision will cover the costs of workshop instructors, class materials, computer repairment and other expenses. The proposition w...

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...rpose of the Community Outreach Library is to empower the individual through education. Education is one of the few ways Blacks can escape their low social class and begin to accumulate assets. Access to knowledge will allow Blacks to understand the racial wealth gap and how they’ve inherited their socioeconomic position. Both the awareness and the college degrees they have received, through the help of the new libraries, will allow them to further combat institutional racism. Community Outreach Libraries can end Black dependency on government bureaucracies which fail to represent their interests. Instead they allow the Black individual to address the problem through education. In order to achieve these goals, funds must be allocated expand libraries will allow Blacks to access the education and resources necessary to accumulate assets and close the racial wealth gap

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