The Black Voices Of Gospel Choir Essay

The Black Voices Of Gospel Choir Essay

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The Black Voices, Gospel Choir, had a huge impact on the lives of students in the study. It helped African American students to create a sense of belonging on predominantly White Institution. By establishing a sense of belonging on campus, while reducing feelings of marginalization, gospel choir participation enabled African American students at a PWI to persist in college. The Black Voices afforded participants opportunities to develop ethnic pride and understanding. Despite differences in the impetus for their involvement in the gospel choir, participants identified advancing knowledge about Black culture and the Black community on campus, representing the Black race to White peers and faculty members, and learning about one’s own culture. Serving common goals provided a form of cultural solidarity, a sense of ethnic pride.
Lastly, Black Voices also provided nurturing resilience. The lyrics of the songs that Black Voices sang provided fuel for resiliency to academia and social obstacles as they connect with “higher power” and one’s inner strength (faith, hope, intelligence, and confidence in one’s own ability) for support in college. Also they operated as an extended family where they refer each other as brothers and sisters to provide support for one another. I can reflect back to the time I took Gospel Choir during my college years; I took the course because it sounded fun and interesting but now I can recall why the professor chose certain songs. I believe that the Black Voices created a safe space for African Americans to belong and grow in a predominantly White Institution. It was able to create an unique environment for these students to connect, learn, and grow together. However, I also see danger in a group like this a...

... middle of paper ... struggles with the cultural concept of masculinity, machismo, whereas Asian men struggles with shame which both results in the issue of pride. I was able to see the seriousness of the issues and was challenged to be a leader to bring men back to school. I have seen so many men dropping out of college due to finical reasons or simply because they felt they were not smart enough. I was able to learn several strategies that authors from different articles proposed and learned practical ways to support men of color. These thoughts lead me to think about why there is no such thing as Men’s Center on many college campus. I believe having a Men’s Center (for all races) on campus can create a safe place for students to share about the conflicting messages about what masculinity means (possibly from different cultures) and support each other to grow together as a family.

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