Black Voices Matter On The Black Community Essay

Black Voices Matter On The Black Community Essay

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Black Voices Matter
A common phrase that I like is, “If you do not stand for something then you will fall for anything.” That phrase defines the reasons and motives of the Black Lives Matter Protest. The black community is choosing to stand for something, serving as a voice, explaining to the world that black lives matter as much as anyone else’s life. I am proud that they are choosing to do this because I believe the Black Lives Matter movement brings positivity and unity to the black community which is just what America needs. Most have different views and would disagree greatly with this essay because they feel it would only focus the attention on the black community, however the focus on the issues at hand with the black community will give other ethnic groups motivation to stand up and focus on their issues as well. This will allow communities to recognize that they still have rights such as freedom of speech and they will begin to use that right to get their points across. America needs the Black Lives Matter movement to reveal important issues that are being overlooked in our country, they will allow our citizens to acknowledge that their voices still matter.
Black Lives Matter started in July of 2013, a young black male by the name of Trayvon Martin was killed by the hands of a more-white looking male by the name of George Zimmerman. The fact of the matter is that Trayvon Martin was killed because he looked dangerous to Zimmerman; Zimmerman 's logic was proven right once he was acquitted. This moment exemplifies how black males are viewed as a threat to society. This leaves the black community to question whether are all members of the black community are looked at this way. There is no question that stereotypes are givi...

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...n a car with my friends I am getting pulled over by the cops. I am grateful to have a mother who teaches me survival tactics while living in Compton such as asking to get your wallet before you reach or keeping your hands in visible areas. I am glad that she cares for me enough to give me this type of advice it is now time for us as a people to give each other advice and uplift each other in hard times. There is no doubt in my mind that my city is in need of unity and positive acts. Most people where I come from do not see as much positivity and if movements like this can bring a change to urban neighborhoods like I am from then maybe there is hope. Entrepreneur Sean Combs once said, “To change the world we must change ourselves”. The Black Lives Matter movement can bring that change that our country so desperately needs by using their voice and making issues global.

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