Essay about Black Swan Analysis

Essay about Black Swan Analysis

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According to Munsterberg’s film theory, the motion picture is an original medium in that it aesthetically stimulates the spectator’s senses. Although both still picture and theatrical play can possibly leave images on the spectator’s retina or brain, each element of motion picture, including camera angle and work, lighting, editing, music, and the story itself, appeals to somewhere more than just retina or brain— the element of motion picture truly operates upon the spectator’s mind. Speaking of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, the film unfolds a story of physically and mentally repressed ballerina’s life. Due to the film’s effective filming and editing techniques, the film successfully increases excitement as well as suspense in the story. Since Black Swan captures not only the real world the ballerina lives in but also the other side of the world the ballerina has within her mind, its spectator would experience a fantastic world where one ballerina lives in two different worlds at the same time. Even though the still picture and the theatrical play also give the spectator either a visual or an aural image, motion picture is the one that stimulates the spectator’s senses with its story, color, sound, acting, filming, and editing.
Based on Munsterberg’s film theory, what makes motion picture so distinct from other mediums is that because it has several characteristic processes of attention, memory, imagination, emotion, and unity. In the book The Major Film Theories says that “Munsterburg had a hierarchic notion of the mind; that is, he felt it was comprised of several levels…Each level evolves chaos of undistinguished stimuli by a veritable act, virtually crating the world of objects, events, and emotions that each of us live in”...

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...he real world where never moves backward.
In final analysis, the motion picture is the one that goes deeper inside the spectator’s mind. The other mediums such as still picture and theatrical play also provide the visual and aural elements for the spectator, yet they seem to be inferior to the motion picture in that they lack the reality, affinity, and creativity in terms of use of time and space. The levels of emotions such as attention, memory, imagination, emotion, and unity, which were introduced by Munsterberg, indicates how the spectator perceives the elements of the film and ends up with it.

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