The Black Student Movement Of Black College Students Essay

The Black Student Movement Of Black College Students Essay

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In the 1960’s, black college students that were attending predominantly white colleges decided to protest against the issues that oppressed them on campus. It is necessary to make clear that even though they were black students, often times, they were also elitist, privileged black students who benefited from outreach programs implemented by the universities to bring more diversity to their campuses by recruiting students who they saw the best potential in. Even then, the colleges received backlash by the communities they served as well as the student body and the faculty members. Based on the stereotype that minorities tend to have lower intellectual capabilities, many professors claimed they were being forced to lower the academic standards for accepting black students into their campus and classrooms.
The Black Student Movement of the 60’s wanted to address various problems that they saw on campus in regards to student life and academics. Among these, they wanted to increase the enrollment of black students to promote unification within the community, starting with the incoming freshmen class. They also wanted black cultural centers on campus where they could find resources catered to their needs. They wanted more black resident assistants as well as all black dorms and dining halls. In terms of academics, they wanted for the college to hire more black faculty members, as well as offering an African American studies major for its students. For many minority students, sometimes money is a burden that keeps us from going to college. The Black Student Movement demanded an increase for scholarship money for other black students, and they asked for the start of the production of a black campus newspaper so all their events could be...

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...I am not going to claim that it is extremely hard to be a minority at a predominantly white institution, away from your comfort level and being surrounded by people who seldom look like you. However, I feel like this experience, at least personally, has allowed me to see other perspectives through a different point of view. I don’t necessarily have to agree with the opposition, but having that other side of the story is always beneficial. As minority student, black college students who want to have such experiences have every right to do so, and they are entitled to do so in a safe and open environment. They should not be treated any different than their white peers because they are paying the same amount of tuition just like everyone else. That is what college is about, getting out of your comfort zone to develop not only academic skills, but also life experiences.

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