Essay on The Black Side Of My Family

Essay on The Black Side Of My Family

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Being both Mexican and African American has been somewhat confusing. The black side of my family has always been the unknown throughout my life. That was until I found my African American biological father on Facebook. I started to get to know more about it and his background. It also completed me in a way because I finally get to know the unknown in my life. Which is being able to know the other half of me. Although both of my families are different race when it’s all said and done were all the same.
Before I knew my real dad I’ve always wondered how it would be like knowing the African American side of me. I’ve always thought that there would be this dramatic difference in the both of my families. But now that I have a chance to get to know the black side of me I’ve came to realize that both of my families are the same other than having a different race from each other. The reason I say that they are the same is because in my opinion I think we all share the same thing which is family. Although some may have their own opinion on the situation I’ve been raised with, it doesn’t make ...

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