Black Reparation: Social Justice through the visibility of the Black narrative

Black Reparation: Social Justice through the visibility of the Black narrative

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In American history, the people of color narrative have historically been invisible; the dominant discourse of American society has been predominantly white with Eurocentric emphasis. Thus, we see the silencing of the narrative of minority groups in American history. In his literature The Price of Reconciliation, Ronald Walters argues for a Black political agenda that includes reparations; he believes that the legacy of slavery has produced a domino effect that produces the oppression of Blacks till this day. Conservatives on the other hand disagree with Walter’s argument; they believe that reparation is unnecessary because America is now fair to Blacks. Furthermore, conservatives believe that Blacks should move on since slavery happened a long time ago. In order to understand Walter’s argument we must understand his claim that Blacks still suffer from the legacy of slavery. In addition, we must analyze his argument for Black reparation. To comprehend the impact of reparation we must assess the effects of it in the Black community; thus we must analyze how reparation can both aid and hurt the Black community. By taking these steps, we look at the arguments about reparation with a critical eye.
To understand Walter’s claim for reparation we must first understand his view on the effects of the legacy of slavery and its cascading effect on current Black oppression. According to Walters, slavery was a means of legitimizing Black subordination. He states that, “whites had to pretend that they [Blacks] were subhuman species unworthy to enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of free citizens in a free society (Walters, 84).” By the legitimization of slavery, whites are able to label Blacks as inferior creates undeserving of similar...

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...ack reparation. Walter provides a viable justification for Black reparation. He believe that through the passage of Black reparation, the Black voice will finally be visible in American society. However, white conservative contest the idea of Black reparation as “opening up old wounds”; thus they advocate for the idea of “moving on.” In order to fully help the Black community, a viable alternative form of Black reparation must be achieved. Aiding Blacks with educational opportunities seems the most viable not because blacks are intellectually inferior but rather the education system in America is systematically racists; thus, it obstruct the success of many Blacks. As Walter suggest, reparation to Black should occur because it is the social responsibility of America to rectify its wrongdoing; thus with this argument, reparation becomes a form of social justice.

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