Black Racism : Black Lives Matter Essay

Black Racism : Black Lives Matter Essay

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Black lives matter” a slogan representing the plea of thousands from a new movement against anti-black racism is simple yet brilliant. But the sayings ability to express so much in so little isn 't as powerful as it its painful, to realize that this message needs to be asserted in a society that claims that racism isn 't prevalent. Many shouting the slogan are young blacks who feel dismissed between the higher power of government and surroundings in their everyday lives. No, Governor O’Malley did not mean any harm while saying “All lives matter.” as a response to the question “Do black lives matter?” and he later admitted to not fully understanding the depth of the movement and the meaning behind the question. But, many others are all proclaiming that “All lives matter” instead of “Black lives matter”. These individuals are failing to see the damage of a population that has suffered death and are invertedly creating another act of violence by refusing to acknowledge the pain and suffering that has created the slogan.

After the killing of Trayvon Martin, sparks flew to ignite a protest that is growing stronger each day. But it has been growing well before this one incident. During the 1950s and 1960s, overt racism became illegal and less socially acceptable. This allowed most of America to believe that racism was, in fact, over and enabled people to place the ongoing struggles of the black community as a simple “character flaw”, this allowed issues within the community to be often dismissed and seen as just a simple way of life. Sally Kern, an Oklahoma State Legislature stated that, as she taught school for twenty years, she noticed “ … a lot of people of color didn 't want to work as hard, they wanted it given to them” all t...

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...he police that could be causing the violent riots by placing the protesters into a situation where they feel that force is needed to get their message across. Or is it the protesters that are creating a hostile environment that the police must then involve themselves in that is creating aggression between the police and BLM protestors?

Black Lives Matter is set to end racial social injustice within our society and

“is working for a world where black lives are no longer systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.” As they grow and continue people learn that the movement is not set to belittle others and that everyone does in fact believe that “All Lives Matter”, but it is not all lives that are being threatened and killed due to their skin color. Until the day that our society acts that “All Lives Matter” the movement BLM will not dwindle down.

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