The Black Plague Of Europe Essay

The Black Plague Of Europe Essay

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The Black Plague in Europe
Was the Bubonic Plague really as bad of an event as it is made out to be? It could just be considered the “greatest catastrophe” of all time (Benedictow). The
Bubonic Plague, which is also referred as the “Black Death” is often considered one of the most devastating epidemics in all of human history. It is estimated that anywhere from 30-60 percent of Europe 's population was wiped out from the wide spread of the disease. Clearly the amount of people killed during this time period is outrageous and should be remembered as an awful time, but the amount of positives that came from this time period looms quite large. Before the Bubonic Plague the people of Europe lived in a system that kept people in a place where there was no way to succeed unless they are born into it, with their Feudal way of life. Due to this traumatic event the politics, economy, and social life of Europe was irreparably thrown off balance, and most argue this is for the better.
It is interesting to think what life would be without the Black Plague, how long would it take for life in Europe to revolutionize, would it ever? Maybe its the Black Plague, as devastating as it was, that would change the ways of European life. The
revolution spoken of is the one where Feudalism is eliminated, and churches going back to being a place for people to follow their religious responsibilities, instead of a leader in society while being forced upon everyone. This was a change that was needed as much as any, life in Europe had become so corrupt. The lords of the Serfs in the Feudalist way of life had become so powerful that people of the below were working just to eat with no economic incentive. This allowed the lords to live happily, while the se...

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...oughout. This newfound way of life lead many people to now more thoroughly enjoy the life they have to live, because they have now been face to face of how quickly it can be taken away. This new way of thinking was known as Humanism, the father of this way of thinking is Petrarch an Italian poet who had lived through the Black Plague period. This new way of life that was brought about during the Renaissance period had all came about because of the devastation that was the Black Plague. All of this new found knowledge, technology, and different ways of thinking had all become possible from the hardships that were encountered in Europe. If there were never any hard times such as the Bubonic plague there would be no reason to advance as a culture. To form a new foundation, you must first tear down the
remaining wall which is exactly what happened in the case of Europe.

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