The Black People With Dignity Essay

The Black People With Dignity Essay

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Whatever else we may have been in our history in this country, we have been a people with dignity. We came out of slavery with dignity and that was a tremendous achievement, because slavery is inherently degrading. But our people came out of slavery and we could stand tall. We fought after slavery to build the villages in this country. We fought to open up the interior of this country. Our people – I’m speaking now specifically of the black Guyanese whatever may be our shortcomings – have managed to persist in this country with this basis of dignity. I was brought up not very far from here, in a typical range yard in Bent Street. And there, amidst the poverty, looking back now, I can see in my mind’s eye ordinary black people who were worth everything, who were human beings, who had strength, who had character. Never mind he may have been a cartman, never mind the woman may have been taking in washing. When you stop to think about it, they had character. Some of them were miracle workers, because it’s a miracle ho they used to bring up families on what they earned. And no I cannot accept that such people must be put to do some dirty skullduggery – coming to court, lying, to get another man convicted of murder. That is insane, from my point of view. And more than that, what pressure is now being exerted on the jury? The jury is being urged, in effect, to join in the frame up. The Afro-Guyanese sections of that jury have to stop and ask themselves whose interests they are serving when they will stoop to join in such a frame up. It is certainly not the interests of the working people of the African or Black race in this country.

You see, we have had too much of this foolishness of race. I 'm not going to attempt to allocate the bl...

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...stop at racial discrimination. Because it is a system of class oppression, it only camouflages its class nature under a racial cover. And in the end, it will move against anyone irrespective of colour. In the end, they will move even against their own. Because, don 't believe if you are a member of that party today, that you will be protected tomorrow from the injustices. Because when a monster grows, it grows out of control. It eats up even those who created the monster. And it 's time that our people understood that.

…Certainly this carries beyond the Arnold Rampersaud trial. We need to manifest our solidarity in this trial, but we need to recognize that it is not just this issue. The working peoples must strengthen their links one with the other because it is vital for their own emancipation. And I will suggest before I close, the two ways in which it is vital.

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