Black People And The Civil War Essay

Black People And The Civil War Essay

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During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Black people were attempting to rise up and become equal with every other citizen in America. They were having an increasingly hard time working their way into politics, local storefronts, and owning property. Everything that reconstruction worked for was being destroyed before their very eyes. Segregation was continuing to be a problem as time moved on after the Civil War.

Following after the beginnings of the “Farmers Alliance” which began in Texas in the late 1870s (Foner 510), the Black people followed suit and created the Colored Farmers’ Alliance in 1886; since they were not able to join the other alliance solely because of their skin color.

The Colored Alliance created innumerable amounts of problems in the white people 's’ minds. As stated in the last sentence of Document 13.8, “We do not intend to, and we will not submit to, a combination subversive of our fortunes, our lives, and our property.” White people were afraid to lose the way of life that had gone on in the South. Part of the despise against the colored people was not related to racism. The quote mentioned above clearly shows this. White people were afraid to lose part of the wealth they had worked for , to those they considered to be beneath them.

In particular, there was a Colored Farmers’ Alliance group in Tallahatchie, Mississippi that bothered the local white storekeepers and farmers. Their personal reaction to the group was violence. The group of locals rode with their guns throughout the countryside, picking off any Negro they saw. This was senseless killing, which saw no rebuttal from the black people.

This is a single incident that outlines the common feelings that White people held for the Black...

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...s. The reason they decided this would work was because immigrants were often illiterate. It was a way to eliminate their vote without publicly declaring it to be illegal for immigrants to cast their vote in an election; which would knowingly cause on uprising.

The issues that surround every minority in this time period shows that the politicians, big businessmen, and even your small town farmers were not willing to open their minds and accept those around them. They did not want to share their wealth, businesses, or farm land. Today we know that just because your skin is a different color, you’re the same on the inside and the skin color merely has to do with your pigmentation and the amount of Melanin your body has. However, have we progressed much more with the race issues? Or have we thrown them under the rug and now they’re only the skeletons in our closet?

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