Essay about The Black Panther Party By Huey Percy

Essay about The Black Panther Party By Huey Percy

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The Black Panther Party
The discussion of race in America is one that doesn’t seem to end. Racism today is still very much alive. And every person no matter what race is fighting back. Black men and women channel the Blank Panthers, a group established to fight for the rights of black people in America, in protests today. And the creator of that famous group is Huey Percy Newton, a former hero to many people in the 1960’s. From the beginning to the end, Huey Percy Newton was a young leader who stood strongly with his fist in the air to start The Black Panthers group that bravely stood up for the rights of black people in America.

Huey Percy Newton was born in Monroe, Louisiana on February 17, 1942. His family moved to Oakland, California not long after he was born. Huey tended to have a violent childhood. Whether it was in school or on the streets he started to become physically and verbally violent to the people around him. Because he was so violent at such a young age when he grew up that anger stayed with him and it became much more of a threat. Huey started to commit many crimes. He was a pimp, a thief, and a scammer. When he became a young adult he decided to go to Merritt College to attend law school. He hoped to make his parents proud which they were. But he later dropped out for he had immoral reasons for attending in the first place. Huey said, “But to tell you the truth, the only reason I started studying the law in the first place was so that I could become a better burglar. It’s true the first college course I ever signed up for back in junior college was a course in criminology because I wanted to be a criminal, but I didn 't know which type so I figured I would take a course in criminology, maybe that wo...

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...ine Brown, a women chair member of the Black Panthers said, The numbers were dwindling and the force of the party was dwindling so it only made sense to consolidate and see what we could do with what we have,” (3). Not so long after this decision, Bobby Seale left the group to run for mayor of Oakland. At the age of 47, Huey died in 1989 after being shot. At that point, the Black Panthers were almost all the way gone.

Though the Black Panthers have a very violent legacy they also left one that should inspire many. Not to be violent but to stand up for their rights and for what they believe in. Huey Newton was a dangerous man, but what he did was for the people of his community. He wanted to protect his family and the people that shared the same struggles as him. Fight for what you want to see in your life and in others. And continue to fight until the end.

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