The Black Panther Party : African Americans Essay

The Black Panther Party : African Americans Essay

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The Black Panther Party
After a long time of suffering as slaves in the United States, some of the African American people who were there could not take enough of the torment towards their people such that they formed movements to change things. This especially took place in the 20th century where the some prominent African Americans took matters in their own hands and made some change. This change, however, was not instant, but gradual. The evidence of this gradual change is the fact that now; the President of United States is an African American. This did not come easy, there have been many prominent people who were involved in movements such as Malcom X, Martin Luther King etc. (Jeffries, 2006). However, there are also some African Americans who are not that prominent but still made significant contributions to the struggle.
In light of the many people who took part in the struggle, this paper is about Huey P. Newton. During his time, he made some considerable contributions in his movement (Jeffries, 2006). His technique was quite different and effective which initially led to its spread and later its fall. None the less, his contributions still had an effect to the overall struggle for freedom of the African-Americans in the United States.
Huey P Newton was the last born in the family of Walter Newton and Armelia Johnson, the family was quite poor but also closely Knot. This might be because the father, Walter was a Baptist Lay preacher (Jeffries, 2006). However, due to the constant movements the family was engaged in during the second great migration and the lengths of racial discrimination he witnessed during his childhood, he felt ashamed of being black. The migration led his family to move to the San Francesco bay.
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... This made him to be sentenced for man-slaughter and sentenced for two to fifteen years in prison. However, there were protests from the public to free him with the slogan, “Free Huey” which led to his freedom after an appeal (Seale, 1991).
By the mid-decade in the 1980’s, Newton faced more criminal charges, and developed drug addictions thus altering his priorities. In 1974, he fled to Cuba to avoid prosecution from murdering a sex-worker and assaulting a tailor. After two years, he returned to the United States with his murder case dismissed thus escaping prison.
In 1982, the party broke up because he embezzled money from the school’s funds to buy drugs for himself. Therefore, he was faced with embezzlement charges in addition to weapons possessions and parole violations. In 1989, he died in Oakland California after being shot while in the streets (Jeffries, 2006).

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