Essay on The Black On Black Hate

Essay on The Black On Black Hate

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The black on black hate

Black on black hatred is similar to people judge each other arccoding to the complexion of their skin,accent,physical structure and is easy for a black person to spot another black person that they do not belong here.i know this may come as a shock to non white Poole who tend to classify us the Africa it is even worse that this type of hatred has cause genicides wars,famine and disease.a special example is the genocide in Rwanda between the Hutus and the Tutsis.

The whole world kept quite and ignored the war when a million people were butchered.I am eagerly awaiting the response from the the United Nations on what action it will take regarding the Syrian refugee crisis. Africa is infected with this black on black violence which is the product of colonization.beofre colonization Africa was comprised of many independent states or groups of people 's.yes wars were fought and so as peace was made.great leaders built powerful kingdoms such as the Zulu kingdom and the bio in Nigeria.Not to forget the khumalo king who swept through south and central Africa likened to Alexandra the great.

Somehow this balance of nature were people could forge their own destiny and fight for their kingdoms freedom and land was taken away by the imperialists who set up borders form the Berlin accord to did ice Africa into spheres of influence were they could rape the land and its inhabitants of their freedom,culture and these different kingdoms soon found themselves settled together and working for the common the master was very clever in dividing the people,the weaker were soon made stronger through economic benefits and the stronger and more stubborn were taught a lesson by...

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...od and hence the poor will always stay like that despised and unwanted.the very same poor become economic refugees because they are searching for a decent leaving which their own governments and the western world is neglecting their ply instead the world is telling them to stick it out or be used as Geanea pigs in regime changes orchestrated by the world superpowers.

Black people are my people I love them and they should love stop hate you need to accept who u you are first and then you will be able to accept the other person.fear and selfishness won 't help this great content of Africa but togetherness and respect will.i know Africa we are full of humanity and we will win this you are dark sinned and light skinned educated and rich or poor you are all my brothers and no one is less of a human being because of who they are.i love you Africa.

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