The Black Of A Racist White Teacher Essay

The Black Of A Racist White Teacher Essay

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Most Black students hate going to school, especially if all their teachers are white and racist. My definition of a racist white teacher is any white teacher, male or female, that targets black students in a negative way. They degrade that child’s self-esteem to make them think that they cannot succeed in life. They are unaware of the different kinds of assumptions that they make about black culture and how it impacts pedagogy. About 85% of teachers are middle class white people who are monolingual, meaning they only speak one language. Some white teachers are ignorant about Black English; they do not take the time to even try to understand their black students. When speaking with other racist teachers, they use racially coded language when speaking to each other. They would refer to some of their black students as “ghetto” because of how they talk or dress.
There are so many characteristics of a racist white teacher but I will only cover a few. They are mispronouncing names on a daily basis and not caring that they do. Some teachers do not take the time to learn their students’ names when school begins, and they rarely apologize when they mispronounce the names. They already have a perceived racial assumption about Black students. They believe that all students can and should learn the same way, however, Blacks students tend to be right brain or visual learners (Kunjufu, 77). They cannot sit through a 50-minute lesson plan like White students. White parents train their children to be obedient, whereas Black parents let their children continuously be active, though Black parents are still in control because they discipline their children. Racist teachers lack the knowledge about the Black mother tongue; they continuously correct ...

... middle of paper ... populations of high-needs students with insufficient resources. Over the past decade, many federal policies have pushed out teachers and principals at those so-called “failing” schools or closed them down. When teachers of color are placed in well-off schools with a substantial amount of white teachers, teachers of color would leave because they would feel isolated or stereotyped.
In conclusion, there are many white teachers in the teaching force, but are all of them really racist. Some white teachers just do not realize that what they do makes them seem like a racist. I believe that all white people are not born racist, but are taught to treat people of color different than themselves. If you are going to be a teacher, then you need to have an open mind when it comes to teaching because you are bound to have a student of color in at least one (1) of your classes.

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