Black Men And Women 's Impact On Society Essay

Black Men And Women 's Impact On Society Essay

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During the early to mid 1900s Black men and women struggled to make a impact on society. Through segregation, Jim Crow laws, and racism –many African Americans were oppressed and left to suffer. Struggles were persistent between the White and black populations in America. Millions of blacks from the rural South left in order to find a better life in the industrial North. Lets not even get started on the treatment of women, let alone the black women. Therefore, when it came to expressing ones selves, music was the golden opportunity. However, during the early 1920s in the United States, working conditions for blacks and whites differed in the recording industry. The white man was always the boos while the black people were seen as the works. White people didn’t see certain types of music as being acceptable in society. During Ma Rainey Black Bottom, the white people in society didn’t accept Blues music as being a genre. They thought of blues music as many white Americans think of rap/hip-hop in present day. It was just a bunch of noise that didn’t tell a story. August Wilson tells a power yet subtle story about the struggle of Black Americans during the 1900s. He writes about struggles in equality, and identity through the cast members of Ma Rainey music group.
As I reread Ma Rainey Black Bottom by August Wilson, I was surprised to find more connections than I initially found. Being almost at the end of the quarter, we as a class have delved into many different pieces of literature. Overall, many themes of the literature have been oppression, racism, and identity struggles. Sometimes as you read, you get lost in how everything is all connected. However, as I reflect back again on the first book we read in the class --certain themes...

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...n buying the shoe, Levee though he could obtain status through material objects, but no matter what he did, never able to obtain status/success in white society. When Toledo steps on his shoes & Sturdyvant retract record deal - last straw - show that his dreams could be so easily crushed - unable to obtain status. Also , Wilson through Ma Rainey shows the struggle of status through her interaction with the police. Ma Rainey says “Tell him who I am! …Say my name”(Wilson, page 48) Ma Rainey had to tell Irvin to tell the white police office so many times who see was in order to be recognized. This scene shows the battle with external status. IT shows that even though the situation was between Ma Rainey and the police officer, only the white men can deal/ solve the problem. Ma Rainey has no input no matter which she is because she is a black women in a white society .

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