Essay about Black Men And The American Dream

Essay about Black Men And The American Dream

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“We’ve destroyed all hopes of anything like the American dream” (The New Jim Crow). The American dream has portrayed that any one person is able to gain success in America, regardless of their personal background, as long as they are willing to work hard enough to fight for that success. What the American dream does not account for, is the inequalities that occur between those of a different race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and social class. Black men throughout American history have been the victim of the inequalities that taint American society, starting as far back as the 1800s. In more recent times, since the War on Drugs began as a way to systematically remove black men from society, this specific demographic of people have faced overwhelming odds in achieving their own personal success and living out the American dream. White Americans have struggled with identifying what it is like to suffer from the inequalities minorities face, and most importantly, what it means to be a white person in American society (White Like Me).
It is easy to forget about, overlook, or make less of the struggles that minorities face in American society when those very same barriers do not pertain to you. White privilege is a term used to describe the ease at which white Americans have while integrating into society. Being part of the majority takes away the challenges of fitting in and does not require acknowledging what it means to be white, but rather, it acknowledges that being white is the norm. Living each day with a sense of normality and without the constant reminders for concern of the color of your skin allows for the benefit of being able to focus on personal aspirations without the fear of being hindered by society for being a racial...

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...r jobs. The public school system fosters this problem and it is particularly prevalent in schools within poor communities. Students are often passed through to the next grade without obtaining a good understanding of the previous material. In this way, students end up entering high school with reading, writing and mathematics comprehension skills below that of the 8th grade level. While these problems are not only related to public schools found within broken neighborhoods and inner cities, the communities within these areas are often a racial minority and already struggle with a sense of equality within American Culture. In modern American society, obtaining an education is a key factor in obtaining success. Without a successful education system, young adults entering the workforce quickly learn of the staggering odds facing them in obtaining the American dream.

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