The Black Media Of Color Essay

The Black Media Of Color Essay

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Black Media of Color
The media has had countless dilemmas with representing race and culture accurately and mostly by people of color. Such as the Blaxploitation movies and black TV and the attraction that they have to other races, mainly whites that also go to enjoy these cinemas and cultures. Whites always seem to be willing to accept the black lives on screen but never appear to in real life. But black people themselves have had some reservations about the very show and movies that put them in a place to be seen and respected. Both of these expressions have their pros and cons, but it all depends on how someone sees them and whether you can accept the truth about them. Blacks can see both as progressive for the African American community
David Engles talks about the movies of Blaxploitation and ‘gangsta rap’ following. There is constant talk of the bad representations of blacks that come from these movies. In his article Engles states that “Criticizing blaxploitation as exploiting black filmmakers, actors, audiences and the community as a whole, those against the cinematic movement blasted the films and the industry for producing films that “glorified drugs, imitated successful white stereotypes, set forth impossible and ultimately debilitating fantasies, [and] developed a negative image of the American black man and woman…” (Engles). Similarly, in The Race and Media Reader Sut Jhally and Justin Lewis article White Responses writes about black TV and specifically The Cosby Show. In the piece Jhally and Lewis say “One criticism that black people have made about The Cosby Show is that the Huxtables behave just, as Gates put it, “just like white people” (Jhally and Lewis, 111). It has been shown that while both of these enterta...

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...others outside of their neighborhood. Because it was a platform to unit people against these crimes, Newman says in his article that “… black radio had the power to unite, to unify, to bring together” (Newman, 101). The unification of radio and gangsta rap music that a social, cultural bridge could be built so that blacks and whites could both see and experience what blacks went through on a daily basis. And to understand how angry they were that there was no real justice in the poorer neighborhoods. With the gangsta rap music on black stations, Newman states that “he also recognized black radio as a cultural ‘bridge’ between blacks and whites” (Newman, 104). Newman continues on with the cultural bridge by saying that “In a real sense, you have paved the way for social and political change by creating a powerful cultural bridge between black and white” (Newman, 105).

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