Black Mass : Film Based On The True Story Of Whitey Bulger Essay

Black Mass : Film Based On The True Story Of Whitey Bulger Essay

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Black Mass is a recent film based on the true story of Whitey Bulger. Bulger was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for a number of years, and was eventually caught in 2011. Since then, the book Black Mass was written about this infamous criminal and eventually a film was also made, carrying the same title. Bulger was a part of the Winter Hill Gang, running South Boston and having 19 murders on his record. The movie Black Mass is an attempt to portray the life of this man and his criminal acts on society. The violence depicted in the film definitely supports the status of Bulger in real life. He was a ruthless man who murdered people without second thought. The violence depicted can grip an audience’s attention and make a person cringe. Violence in the media, as a whole, has become something that people are attracted to. Not only that, it has impacted viewers in many ways. Black Mass shows the ways in which violence can have repercussions and can affect a number of people. Though this is just a film, its theme derives from the real life story of Whitey Bulger. The use of violence in Black Mass enhances its content tremendously, and as a result, contributes to consumer’s knowledge structures on violence and crime as well as consumer’s behaviors.
In the film, the majority of the violence that occurred was when Bulger would murder someone. There were also two brutal fighting scenes and some drug use and violent language. Bulger murdered people in many different ways: shooting them in the head, strangling them to death, and beating them to death. Regardless of the way in which he killed someone, he was heartless in doing so. These scenes, for the most part, were realistic. Since the film was supposed to portray the life of the actual Wh...

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...le care less about what is put on the media. Not only that, the major use of YouTube has allowed people to put out whatever they want. As violent content increased on there, TV producers, music artists, and film producers have had to keep up and are giving the people what they want to see. In a sense, the people have made clear that they enjoy violent content; therefore violent content has been given.
Black Mass is one of many films that depicts gruesome violence, yet many people filled the theatres when it came out. People are entertained by it and often don’t realize the impact it can have on them. Violent content can occasionally lead to violent crimes in the real world. But overall, it is seen as a great form of entertainment. Whether it is depicted as cartoonish or realistic, sensationalized or necessary, people want it, and therefore the media gives it.

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