Essay on The Black Man From White Supremacy

Essay on The Black Man From White Supremacy

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Who is suppose to protect the black man from white supremacy? According to the Constitution, “the fourth amendment guarantees the right of the people to be secure in their persons or houses against unreasonable searches and seizures and shall not be violated.” However, in a country discovered by white men who have created laws to maintain black inferiority, peace and non-violence haven’t successfully achieved the black man all of his basic human rights. Muslim brother Johnson Hinton was attacked in the streets of Harlem by police in 1959, Rodney King was beaten by police in Los Angeles in 1991, and Mike Brown was fatally shot by a Ferguson police officer in 2014. Over 50 years later, if Malcolm X could rewrite a portion of his autobiography, his views on violence and institutionalized racism would remain the same because police are still abusing men of color today.

In 1959, the Nation of Islam was just beginning to gain traction in Harlem. When two white policemen were breaking up a street fight, Muslim brother Hinton along with another brother belonging to Temple Seven were attacked with nightsticks, his scalp was split open and he was left barely conscious. According to Malcolm X, “white society hates to hear anybody, especially a black man talk about the crimes perpetrated on the black man” (p.484). But the black community was furious. They had enough of the persistent profiling and were finally presented with an opportunity to take a stand. Never before had they seen an organized group of black men take a stance against the local police. An outraged Malcolm X, gathered with more than a dozen other Negroes, demanded to see Brother Hinton and ordered that he be taken to a hospital for proper medical care. After suing, Hinton re...

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...ns a delayed solution. To me a delayed solution is a non-solution.” (484) What has been the solution for black men target by police in America? Death? Our justice system, throughout history have been concerned with maintaining white superiority while making entire races inferior within the current status quo. What is America’s solution? To continue supporting unfair police acquittals. Like in Ferguson and all across the United States today, they support an overturn of the current advancement of the black race today. The country that stands for non-violence just days after Mike Brown was killed responded by surrounding mourners and peaceful protestors with cops armed with rifles, attack dogs, and armored SWAT vehicles. If Malcolm X were still alive today, he would demand equality of the black race by any means necessary; With the only untested solution being violence.

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