The Black Male Who Witness / Was Part Of The Injustice African American People

The Black Male Who Witness / Was Part Of The Injustice African American People

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The reason why it is meaningful to me because as a young black male who witness/was part of the injustice to African American people in my lifetime I understand the struggles of living in America. It is a difficult as well as an unfortunate part of life where people judge you by the color of your skin, where certain groups of people of different color are put into a racial stereotyping profile instead of just trying to get know the individual, not believing the negative stereotypes about that affected group and seeing them as just a unique human being as they are. When I started to grow up I notice patterns of mostly white police officers hunting down black men and people of color and killing them in cold blood as if to say that their lives are expendable and disposable, whereas I am filled with a deep sense of sadness, anger and outrage every time these sickening, racially inspired crimes are committed against people of color here in the United states. So, at first Colin Kaepernick was doing it alone and his silent protest was unnoticed for two preseason games and Kaepernick wasn’t in uniform and didn’t play during the first two games, but sat during the national anthem for those two games, until the third preseason game he started to gain national attention when he was in uniform and sat during the national anthem. Kaepernick reasons for his protest is to make people aware of the serious issues of police brutality on people of color and the injustices happening to black people and people of color in the U.S and to evoke change. In the wake of Colin Kaepernick political stand against police violence, Kaepernick is using his platform and status to raise awareness of issues affecting minorities in the U.S. for this reason shows me ...

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...m and status to raise awareness to shed their opinion on the matter, whereas as a young black male who is a fan of sports seeing those athletes stand up for what is right and addressing serious issues is what I love to see. The sociological theory that best align with my position is Race theory “a framework from which to explore and examine the racism in society that privileges whiteness as it disadvantages others because of their blackness”(15). Colin Kaepernick is addressing how the injustice of black people and people of color in America are not taking it seriously because of how North American society continue to have racial problems of discrimination against black people and people of color, which makes it hard for minorities to change the justice system where they have the less power and the majority has the most power.

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