Essay about Black Male 's Perceptions And Success

Essay about Black Male 's Perceptions And Success

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Statistics Literature Review:
Black Male’s Perceptions and Success in Community College Completion
Izaah JB Knox
Iowa State University
RESEV 552 Section-XA (Fall 2014)

Black Male’s Perceptions and Success in Community College Completion
The literature pertaining to black male achievement is begin to become robust. Funneling the information down to 10 articles for this literature review was difficult. However, I now have more articles and data to use for my own research.
I began my discovery using a simple internet search using Google Scholar and reviewing the documents that I have already acquired through previous classes, work needs, or conferences. Much of the information pertaining to black male achievement focused on persistence from first year or high school issues and those effects on success. Therefore, I had to create a system to eliminate data that was not pertinent to this project. The first method was to eliminate all data that was primarily qualitative. Then, when I realized that I had enough information, I excluded any high school focused information. Next, I removed the articles that concentrated on community college persistence. Finally, I was left with articles dedicated to community college completion, success, and engagement, mainly concerned with blacks and/or minorities.
In the United States 42.3% of Americans ages 25-34 have at least an associate degree (Hughes, 2013). However, only 30% of blacks in the same age range have an associate degree or higher, for comparison, Whites = 49%, Asians = 71%, and Hispanics = 20%. Nevertheless, the worst statistic is that 68% of black males who start college will never finish and only 5% of black males who enter community colleges will earn a ...

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...dent Kenny, Walsh-Blair, Blustein, Bempechat, & Seltzer (2010) share that institutions, families, and communities must instil unwaverying hope (hope theroy, Snyder 2000) deep within the adolsent black male and that the balck male must also have a temperate degree of self-determination (self-dertermination theroy, Ryan & Deci, 2000).
The literature overwelming uncovers a galaring need for asstiacne for black malesto create a culture of success in the higher educaiton arena. That culture must include validation (Barnett, 2011), effort (Greene, Marti, & McClenney, 2008), hope (Kenny, Walsh-Blair, Blustein, Bempechat, & Seltzer, 2010), intesitve and intentional intervetnoins (ACT Research and Policy, 2013) (Center for Community College Student Engagement, 2013), and these initatvies must begin in adolecents. This is not only an acedmic intiative


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