The Black Male By Malcolm White Essay

The Black Male By Malcolm White Essay

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In the 1950’s and 1960’s, diversity was usually frowned upon. The word “nigger” defined an African American. They were nothing more than dirty, dumb niggers. Malcolm Little was an African American male who grew up in the North and went through many identities to find the one that suited him. He wanted to change the world, but only after he found out his true identity.
Malcolm was not the typical black male. He had a lighter complexion of skin from his mother’s side as well as reddish-brown hair. His lighter shade of brown allowed certain openings in his life where if he were a dark black male, those opportunities may not have arisen. Now, the looks of Malcolm already threw off the stereotypical “nigger” he was also a Black Muslim. Malcolm was chosen to attend many Garveyite meetings with his father while his mother took care of the other children. His mother and father had different views towards Malcolm. His father loved Malcolm and loved going out to show off his son during this time because there was a saying that white was right, brown could stick around but blacks had to step back. Therefore, Mr. Little chose Malcolm over his other children to take out in public. Contradicting, Malcolm’s mother resented Malcolm. He reminded her of her white father who raped her mother, thus resulting in Malcolm’s lighter skin tone. Unfortunately, racism and discrimination were exposed to Malcolm at a young age, and in the comfort of his own home.
Racism was not only found in his home but in his community as well. Growing up in the northern part of America, Malcolm experienced racism a little differently than the blacks down south. In school, Malcolm was the president of his class, a part of the basketball team and had many achievements in s...

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...nd cultural surroundings to give his audience more of an understanding of the life around them.
The last phase of Malcolm’s life came with a change of perspective, rather than identity. He realized that the white race was not evil, but that America’s racial influences perceived the whites to be evil. He aimed to end the suffrage even though he had no clear answer as to how to do it. Although he still believed that if you believe in something, fight for it, but do not fight alone.
Malcolm’s identity changed with the cultural context that surrounded him. The label, nigger was given to him by his surroundings and the place he grew up. He later realized that he could change who he wanted to be. He chose to fight for racial equality and to end suffrage. Malcolm Little, Big Red or Malcolm X, whichever name he is called, his identity to change the world will never change.

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