Black Male And Black Males Essay

Black Male And Black Males Essay

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Malcom X once said, “In the ghettos the white man has built for us, he has forced us not to aspire to greater things, but to view everyday living as survival.” This quote has a meaning, some African Americans would not understand but if read to someone else who dream about a different lifestyle would understand. This quote tells that the white man does not want us to succeed in life, but only for us to think that the only thing we got is the ghetto or the streets. There are lots of things people like myself can do to make the image for black males in America better than ever before. People just need to use their minds and hearts to improve the images of black male Americans in the world.
Black males in America need to learn to get along. Marcus Garvey said, “If we as a people realized the greatness from which we came we would be less likely to disrespect ourselves.” Black Males in America are killing each other’s over gang violence, hate, jealous of the other. Black males get caught up with where they came from and who they hang around that in the end they mess themselves up because they are caught up in the streets of the hood they grew up in. But if I could get them to understand it do not matter from what street or hood a person come from it by the character of your heart it will take people farther in life than the streets of your hood will. The people that’s in the gangs need to realize that there is a day when a person can come shoot up the gang, but that is when all the gang members look back on their life before they die and wonder what I could of did with my life if I had not got caught up in this gang. By then it is too late to change their life. Please young black males put down the guns and the colored bandanas, stop...

... middle of paper ... tell anyone this let it be motivation for them.

I cannot improve the image of America without the rest of America black males help. There is lots that need to be did but first I need the black males to help me by making a change and getting alone, by standing up for what you believe, stopping the use of the word nigga or negro, and also staying in school and getting an education. I may be a young black American male but I know that if people would do some of the stuff I said America would be a better place for all of use. It would also help us succeed in life and have a better image for use in America. I might not be the smarts person on earth but the stuff I witness and have seen during my life from black males in America have made it easy for to realize the things we need to make our lives successful in today’s society so make the change before it is to late.

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