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The Black Lives Matter Or Blm Essay example

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Goals and Tactics
Black Lives Matter or BLM is an international movement originated through the African Americans community. BLM was a movement to stop violence against African Americans. The founder of this group was a young lady named Alicia Garza. Many protests and rally’s took in result in the killing of several innocent African Americans. The Black lives matter began in the year 2013 with the hash tag or phrase known as #BlackLivesMatter. This protest became nationally recognized following the deaths of two African Americans in 2014. These men were Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Several other African American were also killed after these two men.
The Research
This research on the Black Lives Matter was conducted through the web using several websites, databases, and resources. A casual interview or talk was also conducted with a classmate who happened to be an African American. In this interview questions such as what their opinions were about this protest, the treatment African Americans were receiving, and the suffering they went through. They happened to support the Black Lives Movement and were against the brutal treatment some of the African Americans were going through in which many were killed. This person being interviewed also had family, friends and family who were a part of this organization in Canada.

What Type of Social Movement is This?
This movement was an activist movement in which members of this group were actively protesting on the streets and elsewhere to fight for what they wanted. They were fighting for their innocent brothers and sisters, families and friends who lost their lives for crimes they never committed. Their only fault was due to the color of their skin that made them different from oth...

... middle of paper ... more than anyone else. President Obama would make the effort to stop such discrimination and convey that no African American is indifferent. No African American should be beaten to death just due to their skin color, Each and every individual in the United States and elsewhere is equal, we are all one, and we make this nation as one.
What Next?
The Black Lives matter movement has made extreme efforts to protest and gain support over several years. Over the years the BLM has won support so rapidly and achieved feedback that they have become successful in this fight. In order to become more successful I would advise the Black Lives Matter movement to continue their efforts and not give up. What they are doing is incredible and changing the lives of many individuals protecting them from violence, discrimination and segregation according to their race and background.

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