The Black Imagination By Bell Hooks Essay

The Black Imagination By Bell Hooks Essay

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“…it is said that there are inevitable associations of white with light and therefore safety, and black with dark and therefore danger…’(hooks 49). This is a quote from an article called ‘Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination’ written by bell hooks an outstanding black female author. Racism has been a big issue ever since slavery and this paper will examine this article in particular to argue that whiteness has become a symbol of terror of the black imagination. To begin this essay I will summarize the article ‘Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination’ and discuss the main argument of the article. Furthermore we will also look at how bell hooks uses intersectionality in her work. Intersectionality is looking at one topic and breaking that down into something more specific. Last but not least I will be comparing this article to another article called ‘Introduction ‘Points of Origin, Points of Departure’, by Frankenberg.
In the article ‘Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination’, the author bell hooks brings our attention to her opinion of the impression colored people would have on about white people. Bell hooks opens her article by informing us about the times of slavery and how black people would gossip about what they have observed of the white folk. This knowledge was shared for their survival and easier living as domestic servants. Now, however, colored and white people live coherent with one another but hooks argues that even now the hatred still exists. Hooks explains that systems of domination, imperialism, colonialism and racism have taught the black man to imitate the white (or ‘ghosts’ as she refers to) but still contain the fear and hatred for them. When observing a scenario where the white race f...

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...cle it makes the readers feel remorse for black people and begin to question the whites. However, after reading Frankenberg’s article you realize that white women also have to struggle but not as much as black women would have to. Both the authors implicitly address one another for example when hooks was talking about stereotypes and she refereed to white women as dirty.
After reading hooks article about the white impression on black people, the main argument that she was trying to get across was that black people are terrified of white people. The white man feeds off the amazement that a black man has towards him causing him to be dominated. Bell hooks is an amazing writer and I find it fascinating that she uses intersectionality in her work. This way you just don’t see it from one point of view, but rather you see how it affects different areas of the same topic.

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