Essay about Black Holiday Is Not A Holiday

Essay about Black Holiday Is Not A Holiday

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Black Thanksgiving is Not a Holiday
Thanksgiving Day is a day of family, food, and giving thanks for the blessings in life and yet some people believe Thanksgiving to be a prep day for Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. The focus of Thanksgiving shifted from family bonding to incessant shopping. This trend of taking away from the hours of Thanksgiving in order to shop is enraging. It steals away from family time for the shoppers and the employees. Employers threaten workers that if they do not work on that certain holiday, they will be fired. Black Friday should be kept to Friday instead of moving in on my family time. The whole culture of Black Friday has become repugnant and unnecessary.
Black Friday was a day set forth initially to help the economy rise back up. Around this time of the year, stores would get dangerously close to bankruptcy and needed a way to escape the Red Zone. The Red Zone is an economic standing in which a company is operating at a loss. Stores began opening around midnight to shoppers looking to find good deals on clothes, toys, electronics, and other various items. The business the stores would receive in that one night would be enough to pull them back into being in the Black Zone. The Black Zone refers to when a company goes from operating at a loss to operating at or above their annual projections. Many people chose this time to do their Christmas shopping because it was an excellent time to get a lot of gifts for a reduced cost. As the years progressed, the stores turned Black Friday into a competition, it seems. Anymore it is solely about who can open the earliest and who can have the most customers in that one night.
Black Friday used to begin at midnight or even l...

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...These items are not at much of a price drop and are never the first thing off of the shelf once released to the public. The next unveilings begin to grow in size and price.
Once the 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. items are released, generally what comes next are the 12 a.m. items. These are items such as tablets. These items are what begin to case a ruckus. People get very antsy waiting for their brand new toy. Regardless of how antsy people get, they never give up their spot in line. They will fight for the tablet to no avail.
The problems with this social interaction are numerous. A day for family should stay a day for family. A way to help fix the problem with Black Friday would be to regulate the stores and have them open at 12 a.m. at the earliest. I believe this all whole-heartedly because it is not Black Thanksgiving; it is Thanksgiving and then Black Friday.

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