Essay about Black Holes, Powerhouses of the Universe

Essay about Black Holes, Powerhouses of the Universe

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Black holes are incredible processes that happen in space that are capable of crushing anything unlucky enough cross paths with them. Black holes have caught the attention of millions of people around the world because of their incredible strength and the fact that so much is unknown about them. The theories of possible outcomes resulting in traveling into a black hole has been used in many science fiction stories, but what we think is science fiction could actually exist. With black holes being out of our reach, and even difficult for our greatest minds to understand, what happens within them may just stay science fiction. The more we learn about black holes the more questions we ask.
Wormholes are another spectacle of the universe that are thought to be found within black holes, but they are merely a theory and may or may not exist. Wormholes could be the way we could finally achieve many things that have been highly sought out for years. One of the many advances that could come from wormholes is that they have the potential of us finally being able to accomplish time travel, leaving us to wonder what we could do if wormholes truly exist. Black holes and wormholes are surrounded by mystery, but what are they really capable of? They are but one of the many
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astounding wonders of the galaxy, but we may never find the answers that we’re looking for.

The birth and structure of black holes
Because one of the requirements for a black hole is a dense mass, it is only natural that they come from the death of a star. Stars go through a process called nuclear fusion that is what causes energy to be produced which results in light. The process of nuclear fusion uses hydrogen as fuel to keep the stars f...

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