Essay on Black Holes: Forces of Gravity

Essay on Black Holes: Forces of Gravity

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Science has always been about analyzing the hard facts in front of you, even if they might be invisible to the naked eye. Sizable leaps in our understanding about the mechanisms of life and our universe are in the process of being made with scientists believing black holes are the major precipice to these greater understandings. Black holes push and break many modern understandings of physics and time with many mysterious qualities. Insuppressible forces of nature, black holes, are a little understood entity in our universe with a strong influence on modern science.
Despite modern culture and its influences on the unknown, a black hole is not a well understood concept even by the greatest of minds. Robert Prigo describes a black hole as “… a region of space whose gravitational pull is so strong that nothing – not even light – can escape it” (“Singularity”). To overcome this, scientists are able to observe abnormalities surrounding a black hole, granting them the power to ascertain their existence and study them simply on their effects in and of space. Specifically, a lot of black holes tend to create funhouse mirror effects on objects behind them, thus distorting things to mere smears and smudges. To further add to this, black holes are mentioned to be able to warp space-time itself, as in slowing and distorting the fundamentals of physics and time. Consequently, they’re the prime subject of many astronomers and physicists as they challenge the works of our current theories and theorems. Black holes are known to take residence in the centers of galaxies, in the wake of massive stars that have died, and spotted around the universe from the dawn of creation. Notably, a black hole will disintegrate and collect anything that delves de...

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