Essay on Black History : American History

Essay on Black History : American History

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In today’s society, is Black History Month still necessary to learn about Black History? Should it be removed or should we keep it? The argument goes both ways. Some ask why there are no other history months and others say that it is important to learn about the heritage of black people. Black History Month started as what was called “Negro History Week” by Carter G. Woodson in 1926. It was said to be the second week in February to coincide with the birthdays of two pivotal people in black history, Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Fredrick Douglass was born into slavery later to become a leading abolitionist, Abraham Lincoln was the president who wrote the emancipation proclamation that was intended to free slaves in the confederate states. Celebrating Black History Month allows us to reflect on the achievements of the significant civil rights activists in the black community, provide a time for us to learn about the factors that prompted change for civil rights, and to show all Americans why Black History is American History.
Black history month allows us time to reflect on the achievements of significant civil rights leaders in the black community. Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for his “I Have a Dream” speech. Those words ring loud to this day. There are people of all races coming together every day, roommates, coworkers, neighbors and friends. His speech sparked change within America. It eventually paved the way for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Later that year, King would receive the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the youngest African American to receive the award. Alongside King, there is James Farmer. Farmer was the leader and co-founder of the Congress for Racial Equality, or CORE, which was a significant group durin...

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... areas that were it was normal to treat people of color differently. If it were not for the efforts of the Civil Rights Movement, then the path may not have been made to accept the first Black president.
Black History Month continues to serve as a time to reflect on the achievements of the significant civil rights activists, provide a time for us to learn about the factors that prompted change for civil rights, and to show all Americans why Black History is American History. Without the achievements of the civil rights activists we could still be in a time of segregation and oppression for black people. With the actions of people such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and James Farmer, we are able to live in a nation more accepting of people of color. We are also able to understand where the movement for change started and how Black History is American History.

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