Essay about Black Hearts Brigade by Jim Frederick

Essay about Black Hearts Brigade by Jim Frederick

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The story of the Black Hearts Brigade, told by Jim Frederick, starts out with the 1st Battalion of the 502nd Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division in the summer of 2005. The author starts with a brief chapter of the events that unfolded when four soldiers of this battalion went to a house, raped a girl and killed her and her family. In the first part of the book Frederick explains the grand strategy the US was taking in Iraq at the time, the history of the area named the triangle of death, and how the 1-502nd did in their pre-deployment training. The main focus in Iraq at the time was getting south Baghdad under control. South Baghdad, otherwise known as the triangle of death, had a very rich history due to its location (right between the Tigris and Euphrates River). The current issue talked about in the book was the growing insurgency of both Sunni and Shiite groups in that area.
The pre-deployment part of the book shows where a lot of the future problems the unit would face are born. During the 1-502nd’s time at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) and the National Training Center, both places designed to simulate wartime situations) we see the relationship LTC Tom Kunk develops with his Company Commanders and their First Sergeants. Kunk was a tough leader to deal with, and mostly all of his commanders did not agree with the way he treated them or fostered their development.
In the next section of the book Frederick explains area of operation, the 1st battalions occupation of the triangle of death, and the initial contact made with the enemy. A big impact on the AO and the occupation of the triangle of death was the transition that the 1-502nd made with the unit it was replacing, the 48th Infantry Brigade (a...

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...od plan from the get go. The soldiers were not conducting counterinsurgency at the beginning of their deployment, which is why they got hit pretty badly. It does not fall into any of the LDRSHIP values but just fulfilling the KNOW part of leadership is good. His best leadership trait shown in the book doesn’t come from the seven Army values it comes from the warrior ethos. I will never quit. No matter how much pressure that platoon put on him he still did not quit on them. He kept pushing them back and got them in line. One of his worst traits of leadership was his selfless service. He was not a present leader. He did not go out on patrols with the guys. I think that really hindered him from getting the platoon back on track sooner. If he showed them he was willing to go through the same stuff they were then maybe they would have respected him more from the get go.

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